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Radin primarily provides planning, consulting, architectural and engineering design, construction management and public outreach services to clients in the transportation industry.  Our technical expertise includes civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering, architectural and landscape design, urban and regional planning, project management, environmental/regulatory compliance, environmental permitting, public outreach and construction inspection and safety work for major governmental capital/infrastructure projects.

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Radin’s goal is to make a meaningful impact in cities and communities — from innovative airport terminal designs to enhanced rider experiences at new and rehabilitated train stations to creating alternative mobility options that better connect people to services and their destinations. Radin’s experience has included projects at airports, bus garages, rail stations, light rail systems, and track expansions.

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Radin’s aviation professionals provide project support services related to engineering, program management and environmental compliance at key airports in the New York- Metropolitan Area. We are committed to bringing technologically-advanced solutions to redevelop and upgrade airport facilities to 21st Century and world class standards.

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Radin collaborates with clients and other structural engineering firms to offer planning, design and construction management services for fixed and movable bridges.  Some of the bridge projects are full replacements with improved design and clearances while other are bridges rehabilitations with repairs to concrete bridge piers, deck spans and steel repairs.

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Construction Management

Radin’s comprehensive approach and expertise in project controls, site inspection, quality assurance and alternative procurement and delivery methods allow us to offer program management tools to deliver projects that meet the owner’s objectives.

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Radin has a long history of providing consulting services in preparing, reviewing, and managing the federal and state environmental documentation processes (i.e., Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Major Investment Studies, System Extension Studies, and Feasibility Studies). In addition, Radin provides services related to permit acquisition, wetlands delineation, and agency coordination for environmental approvals.

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Radin provides planning, engineering, environmental, construction inspection and program management services at a federal level to the U.S. Department of Transportation at the divisions of Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration and Federal Aviation Administration. For these federal contracts, Radin works closely with Environmental Protection Agency, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, and, the Department of Interior for reviews and approvals. At the state and municipal level, Radin works with departments of Design and Construction, Environmental Protection Agency, Economic Development Authority, and local engineers and planners to meet their planning and engineering needs.

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Program Management

With the owner’s goals as the sole focus, Radin partners with large teams where we define, develop, and deliver major components of major capital improvement programs.  Most of our projects have construction costs in millions and billions of dollars and are constructed over a multi-year time frame.  As a part of our program management services, Radin provides cost estimation, scheduling, preparation of Project Management Plans, Project Execution Plans, and 3rd Party Stakeholder Plan.  With our experience on large projects, we have been successful in delivering capitally-intensive projects under tight schedule deadlines.

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Radin is committed to delivering transportation programs that improves mobility in the most effective way.  Radin has worked on projects related to congestion pricing, open-road tolling, traffic plans and mitigation plans and sustainable transport.

Expertise - Intelligent Transport System

Intelligent Transport Systems

Radin has in-house traffic expertise that looks at how technology can improve mobility.  With our licensed professionals, we offer years of best practice experience as well as looking ahead to see what tools can be used to effectively address future transportation challenges. We have in-house design and modeling capability and offer strategies that allows us to conduct alternatives analysis and other what-if scenarios to produce the best options and recommendations.

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Transit & Rail

Radin provides innovative transit and rail solutions to the nation’s largest transit authorities. We plan, design and construct rail and public transportation systems and facilities for all modes of transit across the country. We offer fully-integrated services for all phases of the project life cycle including feasibility studies, planning, environmental review, conceptual design, final design and construction management.

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Public Outreach

As part of its outreach initiatives, Radin has extensive experience in preparing presentation materials, fact sheets, newsletters, and executive summaries. Radin has also set up the actual logistics of organizing public hearings, information forums, and public meetings. Many of these outreach activities have required translators to be present at the meetings. Often, materials distributed or available at these meetings have been translated into either the Spanish or Portuguese language. Special arrangements for the handicapped have also been made for these public meetings and hearings.

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Transportation and Land Use Planning

Radin has certified planners who conduct a wide range of planning studies.  Radin has participated in several planning studies where we have addressed issues of congestion management, alternatives analysis, and property redevelopment.  Radin has conducted corridor studies and traffic/ pedestrian flow analysis and site feasibility analysis based on project objectives, existing conditions, land use regulations and environmental and permitting constraints.  Our planners have expertise in preparing environmental justice analyses, socio-demographic analyses, and GIS-based research and mapping.

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Transportation and Land
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